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Hisound is also able to help you in these specific specialties in the fine world of  electricity and electronics

Sale, placement and repair  of navigation and communication equipment on boats.

Solving problems and clean up of electrical systems and electronics on boats.

Sale, placement, and measurement  of communication antenna's on buildings, cars, boats, etc...

Sale of selected quality products for outdoor activities on or near the water.
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Sale, renting and repair of special audio - video equipment for events,  including power distribution.
Audio renting
Video renting  

Sale and service of dedicated Personal Computers and peripheral equipment used for communication.
The pc stuff

Solving problems on site and clean-up of electrical / electronic  installations and domotica ( PLUSCONTROL / LUXOM ) at home or industrial.
Measuring equipment

Technical advice and project assistance for events, from stage building up to light, sound  and video shows.  e.g. Fun & Facts Oostkamp , Donna's Dansfolie, etc...

Small SST  / RVS  welding with Tig equipment on site ( boats )


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