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     MARINE RANGE    2019    : WWW.GARMIN.BE

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   GPS equipment for outdoor, water, land and air  
 CHECK  The   garmin website
                        for the   GPSMAP  8400   range,  radar HD,  xHD  
                       @ Garmin marine network  ...
                       The new  quatix 5 marine watch ;

UPDATING THE GARMIN MAPS  :: ///>   ///>   see info on this link


marine maps  coverage :  this link





Recomended software for gps / nmea management  ,   GPSGATE from FRANSON software:

               : couple  multiple gps software(s)    to 1   ( garmin ) gps receiver!


ACTISENSE   Nmea   splitters, buffers,  combiners,  multiplexers, convertor of superior quality
       opto-isolators, adaptors, gateways,    
          All you need to get your navigation PC  connected .nbf2.gig


The new  moter interface  launched   !  emu 1   

TRANSFER your old analog motor in to the digital world   dealer  /  advisor



ais Receivers  / transmitters   class  A, Class  B 



  Qstarz,  Tracking  gps,  , Bluetooth  gps,  sports gps




ComNav : Advanced  Marine Electronics

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High performance   Autopilots,  GPS satellite compasses,  Gyro Stabilized  thermal Cam's  , AIS  transponders  ,  Marine  LCD screens and  Ruggedized computers , wind instruments...


SPOT  satelite  tracker  and safety device 

GLOBALSTAR equipment   sattelite  phone / data  and tracking equipment 

sensors  and transducers  






Nice gps site :

Simrad  international   
    B/W and color  tft navigation center.  radar  

Raymarine international
    Marine Electronics,  radar, loudhailer,


Northstar  canada 
    Proffesional GPS equipment  and nav center


 JRC  international
    Good range of  radar equipment for pleasure boats and yachting


San jose navigation   RE-radiation. ; bluetooth ; gprs gps modules  vehicle tracking:


SUPERB AIS   RECEIVER   2 ch  for  1 channel price   :AIS-2

SALE:   GPS GSM(sms ) Tracking  modules   at discount prices   G 19 b


AIS  engines   from  NASA  ,  Smart Radio , ICOM , Garmin ,  L3 , quark electronics , em-Trak ,  

Technautic products  on demand 




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