Hisound Technical Service

Placement and repair of navigation and communication equipment on boats, speciality : RIB's .

Solving problems and clean up of electrical systems and electronics on boats.

Use of this Pro  Equipment  list:  

Sale, placement, and measurement  of communication antenna's on buildings, cars, boats, etc...

Antenna / cable analysis on site with FSH 3  23 rohde-schwarz

From 100Khz up to 3 Ghz   with optional report generation for expertise  .

Sale, renting  of special audio - video equipment for events,  including power distribution.
Audio renting,        Video renting

BE DISTRIBUTOR  of  LUMANTEK  Mini  Convertors  fast  and low power  convertors for broadcast
HDMI to  hdsdi  / HDSDI to hdmi  / analog to hdsdi  / hdsdi to analog
demo available

PMR  renting :  licence free icom radio's for small events  (  ic f22sr  &  ic f25sr ic   ; Hytera ) 


Solving problems on site and clean-up of electrical / electronic  installations and domotica ( PLUSCONTROL / LUXOM ) at home or industrial.

Measuring equipment page .. equipment  used  @hisound / aquanav

Technical advice /consultancy and project assistance for events, from stage building up to light, sound  and video shows.  e.g. Fun & Facts Oostkamp , Donna's Dansfolie, Ronde van Vlaandren, Kookeet,  etc...

Small SST  / RVS  / ALU welding with Tig equipment on site ( boats )

SMD  soldering repair  work  with proffessional  PACE   and weller equipment 











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